6th GLYCOPHARM Meeting & GlycoBiology Summer School

Events Saturday, 26 September 2015 12:42

The University of Minho and CBMA organized the 6th GLYCOPHARM annual meeting (21-22 September) and the GlycoBiology Summer School (23-25 September) in Braga, Portugal.

The objetive of the GLYCOPHARM meeting was to assess the progress of the Initial Training Network (ITN) in delivering on the goals set at the begining of the project, through presentations of results and conclusions from each consortium partner.

The Summer School, which aims to be a joint learning event with participations of lecturers from 4 ITNs on GlycoBiology: Glycopharm, Immunoshape, Gastric Glyco Explorer and GlycoPar. In brief, the topics of the Summer School were:

  • Glycobiology of Cancer
  • Carbohydrate Immunomodulators
  • Structural Glycopharmaceutics
  • Parasite Glycobiology