DP_AEM student
Centro de Engenharia Biológica (CEB)
Doctoral Program in Chemical and Biological Engineering (CEB)
Teresa Tavares

Phd Thesis

Bioremediation and Biodegradation of selected Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons by Fungi (UMINHO/BD/28/2016)

Doctoral thesis defended at 28th June 2021; Final grade: maximum classification of Very Good, approved unanimously

The main aim of this study was to evaluate the potential of fungi (combined biostimulation - bioagumentation) and laccases produced by thereof to treat pollutants - contaminated soil (PAH and metals), and to develop an economically viable and environment friendly system to perform it.


Publication and Meetings

 Peer - Reviewed Articles:

Vipotnik, Z., Michelin, M., Tavares, T. (2021). Development of packed bed reactor for the removal of aromatic hydrocarbons from soil using laccase/mediator feeding system. Microbiological Research
Vipotnik, Z. Michelin. M, Tavares, T. (2021). Ligninolytic enzyme production during polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons degradation: effect of soil pH, soil amendments and cocultivation. Biodegradation
Costa. F., Lago, A.,Rocha. V, Barros, O., Costa, L., Vipotnik, Z., Silva, B., Tavares, T. (2019). A Review on Biological Processes for Pharmaceuticals waste abatement - a growing threat to modern society. Environmental Science and Technology
Barros, O., Costa, L., Costa, F, Lago, A., Rocha, V., Vipotnik, Z., Silva, B., Tavares, T. (2019). Recovery of rare earth elements from wastewater towards a circular economy. Molecules
Vipotnik, Z., Rodriguez, A., Rodrigues, P. (2017). Aspergillus westerdijkiae as major ochratoxin A risk in dry-cured ham based-media. International Journal of Food Microbiology
Vipotnik, Z. Jessen, J.E., Scully, S.M., Orlygsson, J. (2016). Effect of culture conditions on jydrogen production by Thermoanaerobacter strain AK68. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
Book chapter:
Costa. F., Lago. A. Barros. O., Rocha V., Vipotnik, Z., Silva, B., Tavares.T. (2020). Retention of organic micro-pollutants by sorption processes. Current Developments in Biotechnology and Bioengineering Emerging Organic Micro-pollutants.
 Vipotnik. Z., Michelin. M., Tavares. T.,(2021) Rehabilitation of historically contaminated soil by different laccases and laccase mediator system. Journal of Soils and Sediments



Oral presentations:

Vipotnik. Z., Michelin. M, Tavares T. (2020). Evaluation of isolated Trametes versicolor strain on chrysene and lead degradation in heavily contaminated soil. 5th Anual symposium of DP_AEM program, University Minho, Portugal (Online, 15.10.2020)

Vipotnik. Z., Michelin. M., Tavares. T (2019). Degradation of Selected PAH's by Laccase-Mediator System in soil. 5th World Congress on New Technologies. 15-19 August, Lisbon Portugal.

Poster presentations:

Vipotnik.Z., Michelin, M., Tavares. T., (2020) Chrysene and benzo(a)pyrene degradation in soil packed bed reactor by LMS. 1st FEMS Conference on Mivrobiology 2020, Belgrade, Serbia (online)

Vipotnik, Z., Mechelin, M., Tavares, T., (2018). Optimization of laccase production by cocultivation of fungi. 43rd FEBS Congress in Prague.

Vipotnik, Z., Rodriguez, A., Rodrigues, P. Production of ochratoxin A in dry.cured ham based-media by Aspergillus westerdijkiae. November 2016 IV Encontro de Jovens Investigadores IPB, Portugal






 Practical Course "Bioinformatics: Computer methods in molecular and system biology. 25 - 29.June 2018; ICGEB, Trieste, Italy

Proteome 2 Gene Protein. 20 - 22 December 2016; University Minho, Engineering School, Braga, Portugal 


 Confocal Microscopy course 22 - 23 May 2017; University Minho, Braga, Portugal



 Transferable skills workshop. 11 - 12 February 2020, University Minho, Braga, Portugal


 Communication skills workshop. January - July 2017, University Minho, Braga, Portugal