External Advisory Committee

The External Supervisory Committee advises the Program Director and the Directive Board on the progress of the Program, and suggests changes towards improvement.

Jack Pronk

Director of the Kluyver Centre for Genomics of Industrial Fermentation
Professor of Industrial Microbiology, Dept. Biotechnology, Fac. Applied Sciences, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

J. Pronk research focuses on the quantitative analysis of metabolism and its regulation in industrial microorganisms, metabolic engineering and improvement of the performance of industrial microorganisms by targeted genetic modification. Prof Pronk collaborates intensively with several major international biotech industries and is actively involved in the Delft-Leiden academic education program ‘Life Science and Technology’.


Willem de Vos

Lab. Microbiology, WU Agrotechnology & Food Sciences, WAGENINGEN University, NL

Willem de Vos is Chair of Microbiology at Wageningen University, Professor of Molecular Microbiology at Helsinki University and Program Director at TI Food and Nutrition, a public-private Technological Top Institute in the Netherlands. His research aims to understand and exploit microbes using molecular, (meta)genomics and systems approaches. His current interest is focused on the human intestinal tract microbiota and its relation with health and disease. Prof de Vos received several > 1 M Euro prizes, including a 2009 ERC Advanced Grant. He also was awarded in 2010 as the most entrepeneurial scientist in the Netherlands.



Fac. Pharmaceutical Sciences, Lab. Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Universiteit Gent, Belgium

Tom Coenye obtained his PhD in 2000. Upon his return from USA, he continued his work on the taxonomy of Gram-negative non-fermenters and the use of novel approaches (based on whole-genome sequences) in bacterial taxonomy. For this work he received the 2007 Dade Behring MicroScan Young Investigator Award from the American Society for Microbiology and the American Academy for Microbiology.His research is focused on the fungal pathogen Candida albicans and on pathogens of the respiratory tract of cystic fibrosis patients (especially Burkholderia cepacia complex).