FCT Doctoral Program

About DP_AEM

The DP_AEM is funded by the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation (FCT) supporting 6 new PhD fellowships each year.

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Participating institutions

DP_AEM is an inter-university and inter-research centre program bringing together a team of experts on several cutting-edge domains within Biosciences. 


PhD programs

DP_AEM is supported by five accredited Doctoral Programs associated with each partner.

Students must be registered in one of those Programs to access the networking and learning benefits provided in cross-program initiatives.

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Admission and selection

The selection process to be admited at DP_AEM is both rigorous and standardized, to ensure research of the highest quality. A selection committee, composed of DP_AEM researchers is responsible to select, rank and admit new students.

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A main concern of the DP_AEM is the successful progression of students through the program.

At the beginning of the 1st year a student´s mentoring starts with a one to one meeting with the tutor. Along the 4 years tutor creates the right atmosphere for discussions concerning the program´s curricular units and the student´s choices for thesis research work, as well as future career and labor opportunities.

The Accompanying Thesis Committee (ATC) will monitor and guide the supervision of the students. This committee comprises the main (co)supervisors and 1 or 2 additional external experts in the field.


DP_AEM strongly encourage that each PhD thesis project has a supervisor and a co-supervisor from 2 different research units and involves stays in the respective laboratories. Tutor and supervisor are engaged on the organization of the student mobility plan, for the 4 years of study.

Aiming at increasing mobility, students can leave a maximum of 12 ECTS to be completed in the second year. This flexibility will open the opportunity for students to attend other courses at international or national labs/institutes.

External Advisory Committee

The External Supervisory Committee advises the Program Director and the Directive Board on the progress of the Program, and suggests changes towards improvement.

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