Short Presentation

The DP_AEM offers multidisciplinary training that includes in-depth understanding of molecular and cellular microbiology and of the contemporary view of genome-based microbiology, microbial diversity and evolution. The Program provides hands-on experience on the use of quantitative and integrative approaches made available through the exploitation of omics tools in a system and synthetic microbiology perspective. The Program prepares students for the use of biological engineering tools, providing them with the required expertise to transform the acquired knowledge into industrial and environmental biotechnology products or applications.

This is tutorial oriented program, offering a wide panel options and lab training opportunities, creating the opportunity for students to define its own path by choosing its research topic and specific courses. In addition, students can find opportunities to develop the necessary skills for entrepreneurship in the field of Microbiology, including innovation, leadership, problem-solving and communication.

Program Diretor


Margarida Casal

Full Professor at University of Minho

Director of CBMA - Centro de Biologia Moelcular e Ambiental